I am both a computer vision specialist and a digital arts graduate. I apply my technological knowledge to creative projects where interactivity, immersion and video projection play a key role. Prior to founding Pixiole, I have worked as a technology consultant and a stage-effect developer for stage directors, choreographers and visual artists. I often participate to hackatons to challenge myself, meet other developers and try out new gear.

My technical knowledge and programming skills are the medium that allow me to create playful environments. I apply techniques such as image processing, image analysis, object tracking and video deformation to scenic performances and interactive installations. I deployed all of my projects in events and public venues. I know how to plan and handle a project deployment to ensure a technical success.

Throughout my height years of experience as an interactive developer, I have worked with many different teams including Hexagram, Elektra, Ex Machina, the SAT and Numédiart. I have worked in contexts as diverse as performances, art galleries, corporate events and television shows.