Murmures (english translation: Whispers)

Project description

Hear. See. Feel.

Through accessing multiple senses, the mobile interactive installation reimagines the visitor’s experience with a poetic flavour.

The Murmures experience we built within 3 days shares similarities with a treasure hunt. The application was chanllenging users to find particular artworks using hints in the form of original soundscapes and imagery. The hints were made specifically to draw attention to particular details in the artwork, the goal was to bring the visitor to see the artwork in a whole new way. The bluetooth beacons placed in the space allowed the application to recognize its position and to trigger the hints based on the distance to the artwork. When the user came close enough to the artwork, a whole soundscape inspired by the artwork would be triggered creating a unique contemplation setting for the viewer.

Video presenting the Murmures experience:

Murmures au Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal from Lucie Bélanger on Vimeo.

Video presenting a summary of the Museomix Mtl hackathon:

Museomix from MBAM on Vimeo.


The prototype was selected by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to be used by visitors during a whole week as part of the Museomix initiative.


iPads, iOS, ReelyActive bluetooth beacons


Lucie Bélanger
Patricia Boyer
Ross Curtner
Lorelei L'Affeter
Elisabeth Rancourt
Dominic Thibault
Jackie Bui