Project description

Ground-level ozone causes more damage to plants than all other air pollutants combined, including damage to food crops. One way to see the effects of this air pollution is to evaluate the damage to leaves, also called stippling. Within 2 days, we developed a tool to receive and store pictures of leaves and quantify and classify the amount of injury to the leaves of ozone-sensitive plants.

Our project Foligram is a fast, smart and green way to understand how ozone impacts earth. We made the protocol easy to use to optimize the amount of data received. Simply by tweeting a leaf picture to @foligram, the system would store the image, analyse and send the diagnostic back the the user. The accumulation of data was showcased online through the website (out-of-service since march 2015).

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  • First prize in the Montreal Space Apps Challenge competition.
  • Nominated in the Top 20 People's Choice Award of the Space Apps Challenge on an international level.

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C++, OpenCV, Javascript, MongoDB, Twitter API


Lucie Bélanger
Nicolas Lupien
Alex Provencher