Project description

The challenge was to create an application with a Myo armband within two days. We took advantage of the musical talents of some of our team members to transform the Myo armband into an air guitar and into an air drum. The hand gestures of the person would trigger different cords while strumming in the air. The air guitar application allowed to play 4-chords songs using a guitar synthetizer programmed in Pure Data. The air drum was triggered simply by beating the rythm in the air and the position of the hand in the space would trigger different sounds (snare, hi-hat, bass, etc.), thus giving the impression of playing on a drum set.

To accompany the air guitar and air drum, we also built an interactive presentation where the slides were controlled using the Myo armband.

Jeremy Schembri, our team leader, being interviewed by Intel at WeAreWearables (Toronto):

The final demonstration of our application at the end of the competition:


  • First prize in the category “Best Use of Myo”.
  • Invitations to present our prototype at WeAreWearables (Toronto, CA), Tech@D (Montreal, CA) and FITC (Toronto, CA) among others.


Myo, C++, Pure Data, OpenFrameworks


Lucie Bélanger
Victor Dyotte
Alexandre Gagnon
Imran Jameel
Jeremy Schembri
Brian Zhu