Fabrique Métamorphosis (Héloïse Depocas)


  • Participate in the video scenography development and integrate the video content.
  • Real-time video deformation to accomodate the needs of non-traditionnal screen configurations.
  • Control the video and interactive cues during the performances.

Public presentation

Théâtre Denise-Pelletier (salle Fred-Barry), Montréal, Québec
January 12th to 29th, 2011

Technical details

Programming: PureData/GEM, C/C++, OpenFrameworks


Writing, directing, choreography and production Héloïse Depocas
Interpretation Myriam Tremblay et Oliver Koomsatira
Video integration Lucie Bélanger
Interactivity Guillaume Lussier
3D animation Louis-David Paquette
Video and graphics composition Mathieu Bonnier
Sound design David Drury et Thierry Gauthier
Lighting design Christophe Lessard-Drolet
Photos Marc-Antoine Dufour