Project description

La Trilogie des flous created by Daniel Danis is composed of three texts: Je ne, Sommeil et rouge, and Reneiges. This poetical performance exploration stages a dancer, actants, performers and computer scientists. This 100-minutes long creation attempts to investigate further into the roles of the physical being, the movement, the speech and the time flow in a performance context. The actions performed are influenced by multiple sensory cues associated to the poem, the images and the soundscape. Compagnie Daniel Danis, arts/sciences

Trilogie des Flous [Reneiges: 3D interaction] from Lucie Bélanger on Vimeo.

Trilogie des flous [Reneiges: live filming] from Lucie Bélanger on Vimeo.


L. Bélanger and S. Roy. Virtual 3D drawing tool for stage performances.
VRIC 2009: Virtual Reality International Conference.


This paper presents a new system for tridimensional virtual drawing relying on an infrared pen observed by a number of surrounding cameras. Nintendo wiimotes are used as cameras to provide reliable real-time tracking information. Since 3D triangulation requires the pen to be visible from at least 2 cameras, which highly constrains the field of view, we support many wiimotes for accurate reconstruction over a large space, while providing maximum movement flexibility to a performer. The paper focus on the calibration of multi-wiimotes setups and accurate 3D reconstruction of trajectories. Tested with 4 wiimotes and used in real performance context, the system provides both accurate 3D tracking and great performance flexibility.

Public Presentations

Opening night at Usine C (Montréal)
From November 11th to November 16th, 2008


Idea, concept, text
Daniel Danis
Sound concept
Jean-Michel Dumas
Daniel Danis, Huy-Phong Doan et Louliko Shibao
Visual artists
Massimo Guerrera, Martin Dufrasne et Nicolas Côté
Projection and image processing
Sébastien Roy, Lucie Bélanger, Louis Bouchard, Vincent C-Couture

A production by Compagnie Daniel Danis in co-production with Laboratoire de muséologie et d’ingénierie de la culture (LAMIC) from Université Laval, Laboratoire Vision3D in the Département d'informatique et de recherche opérationnelle from Université de Montréal, Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains (France) and Usine C (Canada).