The invite interactive display draws a crowd, keeps them engaged, communicates your key messages and collects user information.

Here’s how :

  • Stop the public in their tracks with our unique interactive display. The invite display includes as many modular columns as you want, forming a mosaic of networked ipads.
  • Engage consumers with our custom designed games and interactions that reflect your brand, and communicate your key messages.
  • Capture consumer’s information with our data collection system. Amplify your message across social media with our built in sharing functionality and contests.

The invite interactive display is effective, easy to deploy and provides a great ROI. Invite the public to engage with your brand in a whole new way, the Invite Interactive display.

To find out more and get a demonstration contact : info at


Design an interactive experience that can be easily brandable.

Program a distributed interactive game for multiple iPads.

Design and produce a structure that responds to trade-show clients constraints.

Strategic planning to optimize sales.

Creation date

January 2015


Direction and production Pixiole & Handmade Creative
Programming Pixiole
Video and Motion Graphics Handmade Creative