La Compagnie Fée Fatale (Sabrina Reeves with the participation of David Usher)


  • Integrate video content within the scenography.
  • Program real-time video deformation to adapt the video content to be projected on non-traditionnal screens (cylindrical screen and L-shaped screen).
  • Control the video cues during the performances.

Public presentations

Théâtre La Chapelle, Montréal, Québec
March 29th to April 2nd, 2011

Technical details

Programmation PureData/GEM


Choregraphy Carol Prieur, Elijah Brown, Tony Chong
Music David Usher, Fred St-Gelais, Jonathan Gallivan, Kevin Young
Interpretation Tony Chong, Mark Eden-Towle, Jonathan Gallivan, Mistaya Hemingway, Paul Hopkins, Carol Prieur, Sabrina Reeves, Fred St-Gelais, David Usher, Lucie Vigneault, Kevin Young
Lighthing Julie-Anne Parenteau-Comfort
Costumes Noémi Poulin
Stage set design Lyne Paquette
Film Sabrina Reeves, Cameron Davis, Bluemouth Inc.
Sound Morris Apelbaum
Video integration and projection Lucie Bélanger
Translation Geneviève St-Louis
Photos Dave McLeod